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Nalanda Education Manual for Stress-Reduction
and Self-Healing

This workbook is meant to help beginners interested in exploring or starting a basic practice of meditation and yoga familiarize themselves with the healing insights and skills of mindfulness, mind-clearing and role-modeling imagery taught in the Nalanda eight week program in stress-reduction and self-healing, developed for the Center for Meditation and Healing and tested at the Center for Integrative Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

It is written to be used along with the audio files available in the Guided Meditations section of our Resource Library and also overlaps with the podcasts of the prior class on basic stress-reduction and self-healing available in the Archived Courses section. (pdf, 2.3MB)

The Gradual Path to Contemplative Living

This meditation manual is designed to help beginners interested in rethinking and revising their outlook and lifestyle to better support a regular practice of meditation and yoga and promote a contemplative way of living. Based on the Indo-Tibetan tradition of the gradual path (lam rim), it was a key part of a twenty week program in contemplative self-healing tested at the Weill Cornell Center for Integrative Medicine and found to be highly effective for improving quality of life and decreasing stress in women recovering from breast cancer and other gynecologic cancers. (pdf, 532k)

Work in progress

Healing Buddha

The Healing Mentor, Bhaishajya