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Year One Curriculum — new york

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy
and Self-Healing


1. Foundations of Buddhism and Buddhist Psychology

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers:J. Loizzo, S. Salzberg, R. Thurman, M. Neale

Retreat Foundation topics include: Four Noble Truths / Dependent Origination / Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Classes topics include: Buddhism: Historical and Philosophical Developments / Lam Rim Outlines: A Distinctive Tibetan Approach / Classical Abhidharma and Buddhist Psychology / Mind and Mental Factors / Karma / Self and Selflessness

2. Neuroscience of Meditation

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: J. Loizzo, S. Sequiera

Class topics include: Brain Basics / Mindfulness and Pre-Frontal Cortex / Mindfulness and Limbic System / Mindfulness and Brainstem

3. Clinical Applications of Mindfulness: Mechanisms of Change and Effects

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: E. Olivio, J. Kaplan, J. Loizzo, C. Germer, S. Sequiera, B. van Melik

Class topics include: Cognitive-based Interventions: MBSR, MBCT, ACT / Treatment of Mood Disorders and MBCT / Treatment of Personality Disorders and DBT / Working with Kids / Working with Illness, Death and Dying / Couples Therapy / Working with Trauma

4. Nalanda Institute 8-week Program in Stress-Reduction and Self-Healing Teacher Training

Faculty: J. Loizzo

Class topics include: Training in administering Nalanda Institutes 8-week program in Stress-Reduction and Self-Healing

5. Contemplative Psychotherapy: Integrative Nuances

Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: J. Rubin, M. Neale, P. Jennings, P. Fulton

Class topics include: Western models of psychodynamic psychotherapy / Insight in Meditation and Psychotherapy / Intersubjectivity and Relational Therapy / Meditative Therapy / Working with Transference and Countertransference / Spiritual Bypassing / Self-Compassion / Healing the Selfless Self

6. Meditation Practicum: Instruction & Supervision with Sharon Salzberg

This is taught periodically with Sharon Salzberg throughout the year and is reinforced at the beginning of each class meeting with Nalanda faculty.




The Healing Mentor, Bhaishajya


“The Certificate Program has provided me with so many skills that I did not realize I was acquiring as the year progressed. I struggled at first to establish a regular meditation practice but now it has become a part of my life. Not only am I meditating myself, but I am teaching meditation to my clients at work, and they keep coming back to the biweekly meditation groups. Through this program I have a greater appreciation for all that is good around me and a greater ability to accept some of the things in life that are more of a challenge. I’ve learned so much about Tibetan Buddhism and feel that I am able to take the skills and knowledge I have acquired to move through the world and my career in a more creative and thoughtful way.”

—Amy Sternhell, NP.
    Nurse Practitioner in