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Donate now to double your gift

Donate now to double your gift

Giving and Taking, Sustaining a Tradition

Dear Friends of Nalanda Institute,

Thank you one and all for following the path with us this past year. We are grateful for your presence, your participation, and support.


There is a practice in the Nalanda tradition known as “Giving and Taking.” In Tibet, the practice became known as Tonglen. When we engage in it, we take in the cares and struggles of others. Then, we resource the positive qualities inside ourselves and give back the four boundless emotions of love, compassion, joy, and peace. It’s practiced on the pillow in meditation, and off the pillow, in our daily lives.

While the worldly winds and the human condition can leave us feeling alone, helpless, and powerless, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has this to say about the benefits of this skillful art: “If you want happiness for others, practice compassion. If you want happiness for yourself, practice compassion.”
As the Nalanda Institute continues to train today’s enlightened altruists in the art of taking care and giving love, compassion, joy, and peace—with loved ones, friends, colleagues, strangers, and even critics—we ask you to join us to support the Institute and its life-transforming programs.

We are pleased and grateful to announce that once again your donation to Nalanda Institute will be matched until the new year. Our goal is to exceed last year’s record fundraising drive not just in amount but also in participation.

Please help us reach our goals — $50,000 and 70% participation — by giving any amount, no matter how great or small.


If you’ve given to the Institute before, we need your continued support to keep offering and growing our programs; if you’ve been touched by our community but haven’t given yet, please take this opportunity to jump start your participation!  

When we all take part and give what we can, our collective giving and taking will multiply the power of our personal practice, and help the Institute make our troubled world a training ground for wise minds, warm hearts, and altruistic lives. 

Donate now to double your gift

Your contribution will help Nalanda Institute...

  • • teach lay people the art and science of thriving together through our Sustainable Happiness Program
  • • teach professionals and caregivers the tools they need to bring mindfulness and compassion training into their communities through our Contemplative Psychotherapy program and Mindful Business & Leadership program
  • • bring mindful learning to families and schools
  • • provide advanced wisdom training to yoga teachers and their communities
  • • sustain our outreach programs in social justice awareness, and in mindfulness and compassion training for cancer survivors


Please join us today by clicking here to support Nalanda Institute!

Thank you!


Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD
Nalanda Institute, Founder & Director

Donate now to double your gift

Click here or use the links above to donate via Credit Card or Paypal. Or send a check made out to Nalanda Institute by December 31st. Mail to Nalanda Institute, 300 Central Park West, 1d, New York, New York 10024. Nalanda Institute is incorporated in New York State as a 501(c)(3) educational foundation.

Thank you!