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The Journey to Contemplative Living

Nalanda Institute is a non-profit that offers programs combining mind science with mind-training skills, to end stress, nurture happiness, and cultivate lives of sustainable well-being, compassion, and altruism.

Integrating science, learning, and community, our four main programs—in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Sustainable Happiness, for Mindful Families, and Mindful Business—open doors to contemplative living in our digital age.

To support learning, we offer individual counseling and mentoring, online resources, translations and publications, professional supervision, and clinical research.

Our Four Year Program in Sustainable Happiness continues this fall. Learn more


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Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness Fall classes:

Grounds for Contemplative Life. Course 1 with Geri Loizzo begins September 9. (Separate retreat October 24.)

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Encountering the Hero Within. Course 5 with Pilar Jennings begins September 28. (Separate retreat November 14)

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Channeling Inner Fire. Course 7 with Miles Neale begins on November 9. (Separate retreat December 12.)

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From Shadow to Light: The Fierce Brilliance of Yamantaka. A graduate seminar with Joe Loizzo begins on November 2.

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Mindful Families Program

Attention, Empathy, and Creativity Skills for Children and their Families. Workshops are scheduled for October 4.

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Open Meditation

Introduction to Meditation. Tuesday evening open meditation for all levels. Fall schedule begins September 8.

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Freedom and Happiness Through Traveling the Gradual Path: The Art of Insight Meditation.. Ongoing Tuesday morning open meditation/class with Geri Loizzo starts September 22.

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Yoga and Meditation for the Holidays. Unwind and find joy with MaryReilly Nichols. December 2, 9, 16

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