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Yoga PsychologyProgram begins October 7. Apply now...there a still a few spots left.

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Sustaining Peak Performance Through Mindful Leadership. A workshop at Menla Mountain Retreat. October 14–16.

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Meditation Teacher Training returns this fall. Apply now...the new cycle begins October 29th.

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The Journey to Contemplative Living

Nalanda Institute is a non-profit that offers programs combining mind science with mind-training skills, to end stress, nurture happiness, and cultivate lives of sustainable well-being, compassion, and altruism.

Integrating science, learning, and community, our four main programs—in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Sustainable Happiness, for Mindful Families, and Mindful Business—open doors to contemplative living in our digital age.

To support learning, we offer individual counseling and mentoring, online resources, translations and publications, professional supervision, and clinical research.

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Joe Loizzo sits down to discuss the Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy. And we offer a sneak peak into a
retreat with Joe and Sharon Salzberg. View videos

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Guided Meditations

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Sustainable Happiness: The Book

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Summer/Fall Spotlight

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Open Meditation & Courses

Tuesday Night Meditation. August and September dates announced!

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Lunchtime Meditation. Ongoing Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Opening the Heart of Wisdom: Cultivating the Six Transcendences with Geri Loizzo begins September 13.

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Sustainable Happiness Program

Course 3: The Gradual Path to Freedom and Happiness with Geri Loizzo begins September 12.

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Course 7: The Bliss of Inner Fire: Tapping and Harnessing Pure Inspiration with Pilar Jennings begins October 24.

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Yoga Psychology Program

Lecture series throughout the fall and spring with Robert Thurman, Mariana Caplan, Cyndi Lee, Mary Reilly Nichols and more. Series begins October7.

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Mindful Business Retreat

Sustaining Peak Performance Through Mindful Leadership with Elazar Aslan, Vance LaVelle and Joe Loizzo. October 14–16 at Menla Mountain Retreat.

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Mindful Families Program

Attention, Empathy, and Creativity Skills for Children and their Families with Bart van Melik and Sonia Sequeira. October 30.

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